Saturday, December 10, 2011

1 step closer to Insanity 11-6/11

I Step closer to going insane today , Thanks to my stupid ass self and my cat . Jeez im such a loser , a failure , cant i do anything right anymore. I am so selfish and a stupid . I will just go and do whatever i want .   Im just not built to be thoughts and feelings are so jumbled up today . I cant think straight if  my pathetic demonic soul was on the line. *sigh* Oh the perfect song just came on!! Well not really cuz i dont have a stalker, i wish  ...but still im going insane because of this life i live ..I just know it . Check this song out on my playlist , on the right hand side of my blog.

On my playlist look for and listen too: Im Insane-By Myah Marie

OMG if i relate it my life thats making me insane , then its PERFECT OMG !!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Now my thoughts are going to go totally random and out of control. I've calmed down slightly i feel slightly jittery and hyper , of course my head hurts slightly.

           OMG SO EPIC!!!!  i just had to put this in my post.

                  Oh and i think i know what my biggest concern is ...its money and that im broke :(, That is why im always upset and depress , and the corrupted goverment . I must remember im not alone ..many people have the same concerns.

                            Hehe this caught my fancy , i feel like doing this sometimes.

                                       Last one , lets rave all night long

                                                                                       By Reina
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  1. My only concern about this post is the low quality of some of the gifs.

    Where are you getting them?

  2. Im get them from Photobucket. Then when i put the pics in my post , i enlarge them.


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