Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sick and Tired , The inside Story

OMG EWWWWWWWWWWW , did that just come out from my Throat. Oh that is just fucking nasty as Hell. I wonder if im dying.Haruhi Suzumiya
Huh...oh hey there my dear Followers...its been a short while hasn't it . Well i have a very good reason for that. Photobucket

My now gladly Ex-Boyfriend broke up with me and betrayed me in a Slap-in-your-face kinda way.SlapI mean everything seemed ok? Sure he was talking about nonsense and darkness taking his soul. But i thought he was just being weird again.

But was i wrong. Later that night we were texting/IMing as usual...but i had to go and eat something cuz i was hungry. After i ate i go back to the computer and mess around...

when i get a random text saying "Its over" i ask what he means he texts back "its over..us". Then my phone rings and he's calling. Except that a girl's voice is on the other end , talking all this bullshit and trash about me .

She says that my bf is sitting next to her. So i ask her to put him on the phone. He says" i dont want to talk to you, im tired of you" . Then the girl goes back to trashtalking to me. I hung up the phone. It rings again, girl keeps trash talking. I hang up again.

NOW here comes the "Real" Betrayal".  A few minuets later i get a pix text showing my Bf wrapping his arms around the gettho girl and kissing her cheek.

"WTF"!!! The day before he was saying "oh i miss you , i want to visit you" YOU BIPOLAR MOTHERFUCKER, GO TO HELL!!!  So thats that.

Now right after that i start feeling sick...my Throat starts feel slightly sore. The next day my neck feels like it has whiplash , my sore is really sore..but not burning sore...and i feel really tired. What the hell happen to me.

 I never got sick before when someone broke up with me , so why now. Is it because i was with the Nigger for a year and almost a half..my longest and most serious relationship i've ever been in? Well whatever , today i feel 90% better . No more whiplash , and no more sore throat. But as you refer back to the first line of this post.

I might've found out what caused my sore throat...a bloody loggie that was stuck in my throat for two days o.0 which i just hacked up a hour ago. But other then that i feel fine...except my head hurts now :(

                                                                       By Reina

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