Friday, March 16, 2012

Kairi went to the Vet 3/16/2012

So today i took my precious cat Kairi to the vet . She hates going to the vet. Man was she hissing and growling when the doctor was looking at her . The nurset had to put a towel over her head and hold down her head. I feel bad for the doctor and nurse  for having to deal with such a uptight cat. I also feel bad for my cat for having to go through something she doesn't like.

Here are some pictures for you . Please enjoy ^.^

By Reina
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  1. Aww, love that fuzzy face. I should Show off my darling bearded dragon, Lenny Loosejocks. *pets* Also, is Kairi part Siamese? Some interesting color points going on there! :P

  2. aw thanks for liking my cat , and i would love to see your dragon that would be so cool ^.^ and ya i think so . She a fire-point cat


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