Monday, October 29, 2012

My Trip to AC 10/29/2012

On Saturday my Bf and i went up to Atlantic City to see a comedy show at the  borgata that started at 9pm. We headed on the road towards Ac at 12:30 and we got to the motel around 1:30 a bit early till the check-in time which was at 2pm. However the manger still let us check in which was good and he gave us a key and we headed to our room . When we got to the door we put the key in and tried to open it ...but had great difficulty with it . So i had to get the manger to help us out get the door open. After it was open we went in and got settled in.  Then after an hour we decided to get dressed for the comedy club and get something to eat . This was my sexy outfit for the night .

So after we got dressed we went to the boardwalk to go to the rainforest cafe to eat . Then after we ate we drove to the borgata but got there way earlier before the doors opened. My Bf thought the doors opened at 7 but instead they opened at 8. So for a lil over 2 hours we walked around the borgata and looked at some of the shops. By the time the doors opened my feet where killing me lol. When the doors opened we went in and got seats in the 2nd front row and enjoyed the comedy show which i enjoyed . After the show we headed back to the hotel and sunday headed back home where we had Ihop for breakfeast.  I choose to do the signature Pancake combos and i got the new New York Cheesecake Pancakes with Hashbrowns , bacon, pork sausage  and scrambled eggs. Everything was good but i got so full i had to take most of my hashbrowns home . 
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