Sunday, February 10, 2013

ABCs of Death -So Wrong 2/10/2013

Yesterday afternoon i was sitting at my computer starting to watch the movie called The ABCs of Death in high hopes that i would enjoy it . Sure i saw this clip of the movie on youtube .

                                         The Nazi Furries Burlesque
I really liked the clip because it had a fox in it and it was funny so i thought i would enjoy the rest of the movie . WAS I WRONG!!! This movie is SICK, TWISTED , MORALLY WRONG!! It made my head hurt slightly at what crap i was watching. This movie is  perfect PERFECT for all the people in a Insane Asylum fact i think all 26 directors came from one , Seriously! I only got through half of the movie , before my friend came to get me,  but the half i saw was ...just disappointing  Hey if you still want to check out the movie all the power to you , heck i might watch the 2nd of the movie on another day. Oh and the movie is 2hrs ...good luck ...your gonna need it. Here's the Trailer for it -
 The ABCs of Death Trailer

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