Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3rd Liebster Award 3/13/2013

Again I've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award, thank you Murees Dupé for the lovely award, this is my 3rd time I've gotten this award. I take it as a good sign that my blog is getting slightly popular , at least I hope so lol. Now for this  award i'll only answer the questions ..I wont nominate anyone till I get more followers for I don't want to nominate the same people I chose the last time I got awarded with the Liebster Award. Furthermore I wont do the Random facts since I did that last time too and well those were the most interesting facts I could find about myself. I Will however be more than happy to answer the questions ^.^

Got Nominated for Liebster Award 2x Time


Now for the Questions for Murees Dup'e:

  1. What is the worst job you ever had?
Well I've only had one job and that is my seasonal job at my local amusement park. I mean ya standing on your feet all day in the blazing sun , telling people over and over again to put their shoes and shirts on in order to enter the dry park was more than annoying...I wouldn't say it's the worst job I've had...its the only job I've had but ya know it can be really fun and exciting too.
    2.What is your favorite snack?
Well I do love eating my chips , but since I have to give up them in order to eat healthy I'll tell you what my past favorite chips were. Cheddar& Sour Cream from Ruffles
   3.What is your favorite TV series?
Another loaded question. Well i'll give you two one anime show and one real-life show.
Anime: Black Butler
Real Life: True Blood

  4.Who would you like to meet? (Person could be dead or alive)
That's hard....I would have to say Adam Lambert
5.If you could be any animal, which would it be?
A wild cat like a Lion or Tiger
  6.What are you most grateful for?
Another hard question.....making me think deep down for this one. I would say the life I have now. I live a good middle class life , in a nice average house , and I have a great Bf that helps me out and drives me anyplace I need to go . Ahh such a good hearted loving bf.
  7.What do you hate?
I'll just make this in list form.
* Society (girls getting prego in high school ect..)
* Certain Parents
* Being told what to do
* Being Short/looking 12yrs old
* Math
* Religion
   8.Do you include exercise into your daily routine?
 No but I really should , hopefully when spring comes
   9.Do you like animals?
More than humans
 10.What is your favorite season?
11.What is your favorite food?
Italy Food

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