Sunday, March 31, 2013

No Ryback, Pizza Hut Sucks

So yesterday my Bf , me and two of our friends went to a local mall to see the WWE superstar Ryback. To make a long story short . We did'nt get to meet him up close and personal. Why , because while we were waiting in this long line .
It came to our attention that we should've brought these 40 dollar tickets that would've allowed us to be some of the first people to see ryback.  Then we learned that since so many people brought this tickets , and that we were far back in line ...that we would'nt see Ryback before he would leave at 2pm. Well that was a waste of time. So we decided to go to a local pizza hut . To make another long story short ...we ended up waiting like an hour for a 2nd order of wings and some breadsticks to come out.  We got the pizza and my order of wings though. *Sigh* Yesterday was such a Drag!

 P.S: Well at least there was magician doing magic tricks to keep people entertained

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