Friday, March 8, 2013

Update #4 New Blog Focus 3/8/2013

What's up people , I've made up my mind . For this blog , since I keep having periods of inactivity on this blog, will now be mostly focused around my Graphic Arts projects/artwork and my Video editing skills. With that being said I feel this blog will need a complete 360 makeover the look , feel , everything. Don't worry I wont delete any of my previous posts , those are documents of my life I cant delete that, but from now on my blog will focus on my artwork and video editing skills.  I feel like if I give myself a focus to blog about that might help me to blog more and in turn help me get more followers.

P.S: Besides blogging about my artwork and videos , i'll still write about exciting things that happen in my life from time to time ...but these posts will take a back seat in my blog. Perhaps i'll make a tab on my blog just for my life posts, separate from the main page of my blog.

P.S: Also i'll try to let you guys know ahead of time when I wont be blogging, if I don't that usually means im hanging with my bf for days on end, usually its 2 days but sometimes goes up to 4 days . 

Offline: I wont be blogging on Tuesday March ,12, 2013

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