Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evil Dead and Healthy Choice meal

Howdy again yall. I've been fine same ol same ol . Yesterday my Bf and me went to go see Evil Dead . The movie was Wayyy better than the original crap that the first movie was made of. (Did that make sense) .  A ton of blood and limbs , mild cussing , some sexual content.   There was this one scene in the movie that was as epic as a triple A action movie. If you go see the movie you'll know what I mean.  Now did it scare me ? . However after the movie I was left with mild Chills and shivers .  Furthermore I DONT recommend bringing your KIDS to this movie , for they WILL have NIGHTMARES! It is a rated R movie after all . So call your parents , babysitter , baby daddy/mama , whoever to watch your kids.

                                          Evil Dead Trailer 2013
    Also I wanted to share this Healthy Choice Top chef meal . I forget the name of it but it was soooo good .

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