Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kings Dominion Woot Woot

   So on sunday my bf and I got back from our super fun trip to Kings Dominion .

This was both of our first times going on a weekend trip out of state with a bf/gf . (did that make sense but u get what im saying right.) Anywho we went to the park on Friday and Saturday , Friday we rode half of the roller coasters and the lines were super short which was awesome .  Then on Saturday we were at the park all day but we had to wait in long lines to ride the other half of the roller coasters and rides . Omgosh even though we had to wait in the lines it was so worth it because all of their rollercoasters are some much fun .

     They had a roller coaster where you were standing up the whole time

 , another one with a very long drop and that went 90 miles per hour

, and another were you sit down in the car and the the next thing you know you blast off like a rocket into complete darkness .

 (This is a indoor rollercoaster). Oh i forgot to mention that on Friday we went to the Dinosaurs Alive Exhibits which was cool cuz you got to see life Sized robots of dinosaurs and the moved and stuff .

Ah yes i'll put kings dominion on my favorite Theme Park list , next to Disneyworld and dorneypark.

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