Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spider tried to kill me

 Last night i was minding my own business trying to work on a logo for an online friend ...when i see something out the corner of my eye. At first i thought it was dust , but then i took a closer look and it turn out to be a itsty bitty spider with long ass legs trying to attack and kill me !!!! Boy did i let out a controlled scream (not to wake my father) and jump out of my seat in a second flat.

      It look simlar to this spider with the long legs but the body was much smaller and a light brown color . NO it was'nt a Daddy long legger! Anywho so i jumped out my seat and ran into the kitchen to grab a tissue to try to kill it . I walk back over to the computer to see where it might've landed on the keyboard...but i did'nt see it anywhere. Then i look to the side and behind the computer and you know what i saw . The spider sitting to the side of the computer . THEN i see ANOTHER  one all the way towards the back wall of the computer. In order for me to muster up the courage to kill both spiders i had to think about choosing a situation that i would rather do. Would i rather have a needle stuck in my arm ....or kill a lill spider . It was a hard choice but i chose to kill the spiders  and that was that .


  1. Hahahaa...spider!!!! Gosh..they are creepy!

    1. They sure are i cant stand to even look at them


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