Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why not eat ourshelfs

So  im watching Hannibal OnDemand right and i think to myself

"If he likes eating his own kind ...does he like eating himself/ " 

Think about it . He's eating his own kind , eating the same organs that live inside him. So you have to wonder ...does he ever get the urge to eat himself ...if he eats his OWN kind. Am i making sense here or no ?

Think about it another way then . Us humans and animals usually prefer to eat other Species organs ..meat , liver , brain , heart ect. Except for a few animal species that do eat their own kind from time to time , one is the Black widow spider . So here's another Thought for you to ponder.

"If we like eating other species organs/meat, why not our own" 

Yes this is a very touchy subject , but i ask you just to open your minds and think about it for a moment. Now im not saying we should kill own our kind or nothing because obviously we are HUMAN? with Social/ Moral Laws that prevent us from acting like animals. However THERE ARE human canniables   out there and i wonder does animal organs really taste much different then a humans ?

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