Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mustang 50yr Anniversary

So a few weeks about , maybe about 1 or 2, my dad and i went down to NC for the biggest car show of the year probably the decade! A car show celebrating 50yrs of the Mustang! Man what an event 1,000s of cars lined up outside and inside the racing arena building. Instead of just talking about it let me show you .

I know that most car enthusiast not only love the outside of  a car but they get most of their thrills from popping the hood and taking a look inside. So i made sure to take lots of engine pics for any car fans i have. The car with all the signatures represents a breast cancer survivor. The amount of signed names on that car is amazing so of course i took a pic of it .  Wait thats not all...did you think i would just leave you looking at pictures. Nah i got some race car action for you guys , so buckle up and hang out tight!

So i hope you enjoyed this blog post and hope you'll return next Sunday to read my next one ! Please comment below with your answer to this question "What do you like most about Mustang cars?" 

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