Friday, June 17, 2011

Good Evening my Lovies, Today was another boring day in which for most of the day i was starving. But that is because all i had for breakfast is fruit and cereal which isn't much of a meal. Hmmm but i did have dinner which was a little bit of Chinese take-out. I had terrikayi chicken and tried one of the spare ribs and instantly gagged it out. Usually i like spare ribs but these , these smelt weird and tasted nasty. Oh well , at least i ate my terriaki chicken which was good but could've been better.*sigh* (im boring you to sleep are'nt i, i must be cuz im starting to fall asleep as i write this. Geez why does my life have to be so boring or why cant i talk about anything fun. Oh well).

 Oh and a few minuets ago i finished applying online for Boston market. I hope i get an interview with them but i highly doubt it . I mean im not being negative . Im just saying that i applied to over like 20 different places and NOT ONE PLACE has called me back. But even with that said i still have to hope and continue to be a hustler in filling and handing in these Job apps. Also getting a job is even harder for me because oh guess phone is disconnected urgh for a really stupid reason and now i have to wait to get a new phone. I hate waiting ...i really hate waiting...oh if only i had money...but wait I DONT cuz i dont have a damn job. (hmm im really getting tired). Well when i get my next phone it will be with Boost mobile because i love the looks of the 50 unlimited plan meow. Also i want a touchscreen phone, but really i just want to own something with a touchscreen. Well im going to go now later.

*Video of the day*

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