Saturday, June 18, 2011

X-men first class and no new cell phone

Good evening my lovies. My cat(named Kairi)was just meowing at me for no good reason. I think she just likes to hear herself meow...hmm whatever. Again im feeling a bit worn out at the moment. I did have a semi-eventful yet disappointing day(which i shouldn't be surprised about but i'll get into more detail later on). Lets see so today me and my father went out as usual on Saturdays to see a movie (because we always see a movie on satudays , but sometimes we dont, my father never tells me if we're seeing a movie or not until we reach the movie theater. Sometimes this causes me to get pissed off if we dont see a movie). This is an accurate picture of how i look when im pissed off.

So anywho we were driving to the movie theater when my father suddenly turned into a plaza with a Metropcs store in it. Suddenly i get my hopes up that he's going to buy me a new cellphone, after my current one is disconnected. But nooooo , he just pulled into the plaza to turn around and go to a stupid sears store to see if they have a lawnmower part. Oh how my heart is breaking . But not the fret the day is still early and i still have lots of other chances. So we get to the movie theater and see X-men first class which (to me) was a bit confusing in the begging but turned out to be a awesome movie. I loved seeing how the the X-men were created and the stories behind beast, pro X , magneto, and mystique. Im proud to say im even a bigger X-men fan then before. if you my followers are X-men fans then i highly suggest you go see this movie. If your not fans then i only have 3 words for you. SHAME ON YOU!

So after the movie we made our way home and long boring story short , i didn't get a new cell phone today  i kinda figured as much but oh well i'll try again on Monday since We don't go out on Sundays. Now here i am writing this and listening to the frying pan in the kitchen sizzle and listening to my music on the computer. Ya i think I've wrote enough today , later everyone.

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