Monday, June 20, 2011

Home alone and loving it

Good afternoon my lovies, Today i have the luxury of being home along today. There’s nothing that makes me more content and relaxed because there’s noone here telling me what to do or stuff like that . I have the sweet luxury of doing whatever i pleasssssse, oh and i plan on taking the most of that advantage Heh Heh. Well so far today i did’nt really do much but plant some flowers and vacum my room. Yep ahhh..i’ll call that a day and now im relaxing on the computer being my lazy bum self. Life good at the moment :) . Oh and today i read a very intresting article talking about how people will now be able to create any Domain name they fancy. This means that instead of using .com, .org ect…, people can create domain names like .apple .Dot .Cat o.o…., uhhhhh please for the love of my insantaily tell me these people are’nt serious. Now i have a dreaded feeling that its going to get a whole of a hell lot harder to search for the correct webpages.  If you agree with me that this new change to internet domain names will make surfing the web more confusing then comment below .So i dont feel like the only one who thinks this way.
Link to article….

Well thats all i have to say for right now . I might add more as the day goes on or i might now who knows.

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