Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Bike Ride of Danger( not really)

Hello my lovies, today is Sunday and on Sundays i take a bike ride to where ever my heart feels like going. Today i felt like going to my local target store to see if they have boost mobie phones and they DO yayyyyyy!!! and at good prices . I saw a simple gray flip phone there for 50 dollars. It would be awesome if the phone was purple instead of grey… grey…such plain and ungly color.

My current phone is a beautiful purple and i love it . Totally sucks that i have to get a new one, oh well. I would show you guys a pic of my current phone but my phone is disconnected so it cant send pics to the internet no more. :( wahhhhhhhh. Anywho , so when i saw that target had boost phones i started to get overwhelmed with im not sure what. Happiness , excitement i dont know. Now that i know target has the phones i can , hopefully get my father to buy one for me . I mean come on they have one for only 50 dollars, if he says that , the 50 dollar phone is expesive then im going to blow a fuse.
*IMPORTANT*-Comment below if you think buying a 50 dollar phone is expesive-

Then after i was done in target i decided to ride around in the local plazas to see if anyone was currently hiring. NOT ONE PLACE WAS!! There goes my heart breaking again.

So i risk my life to cross busy streets to try and find a job just to be kicked to the curbed. I only have  6 words to say. -Its hard to be a pimp-
So down , defeated , and dieing of thirst i head home . Thats it for my Sunday outing , until next time!

*Video of the Day*

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