Friday, June 24, 2011

J-Rock and Small towns

Ok but please excuse me  if this blog comes off a bit random. Im currently listening to some awesome j-rock(Japanese rock)  music. I have the bands Luna Sea, L'arc -en-Ciel, and some theme songs from Naruto. But i have one song on my Japanese playlist that is'nt japanese but a really cool sounding love song. Every time i hear it i get a warm lovey dovey feeling and i start to think about me and my wonderful Bf. Ya i know my favorite kinds of songs are ones that make me feel a strong emotion and that i can relate too. I can tell when i song is really good if it can make me feel something deep and get me excited about the song that i cant help but dance/sing along with it . If you want to listen to my awesome Japanese playlist then please click the link below

Now to tell you guys about my day. Well today  me and my father went up to collinswood(didn't spell it right but close enough) which is a town thats kinda has a small town feeling ya know. Its a town with rows of stores , antique shops , restaurants ect.. and its lined with trees. Ya know what i'll just show you a pic of what im  trying to explain to ya.
This is'nt the town i went too but this is what the town sorta looked liked.
I love towns like these with all the rows of stores and stuff its so cool. I think it would be really cool to live in a town like that and go into every store and see what they have yep that's fun for me. So me and my father walked around a lil bit before heading back home. On the way back home nothing really exciting happened i just went to the store and to a lowes store thats about it. Well thats all im going to write for now. 

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