Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7/6/2011 Not the dreaded Eye Exam!!

Yo yo , whats up my lovies. So today i had to get up early this morning because i had a dreaded eye exam to go too. Ya , know why i hate eye exams so much...easy , They make you stare at bright lights , talk about eye rape JK JK  (Jeez some people in this world cant take a dark joke...oh and a HEADS UP!!! humor style is dark and perverted so GET USED TO IT!!) .
Anywho those lights are like a torture device from hell. The light i hate the most is the Big white one the doctor uses. Every time that light is shined into my eyes i feel like im going to go blind. Wait..a minuet , WHY dont i go blind when he shines that light into my eyes. I mean if i would stare into a lightbulb im sure i would greatly damage my eyes and if i look at the sun i would defiantly go what gives. IF anyone can answer that question for me . Then please leave me a comment . Also i hate the part where they put eye drops in your feels so werid, but i like when your eye exam is over and you go outside and everything is blurry. That part is kinda fun..dont ask why!!
Okkk moving on...ummm ya other than the eye exam i went to wal-mart and the laundry mat...So im done blogging today.

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