Thursday, July 7, 2011

7/7/2011-Busting my booty for em flowers again!!

Ok so today i was out working in the yard again. Today i had to finsh pulling out weeds and plant some dumb flowers. Man when I went outside to start on the weeds (Which were in the direct sunlight) it was as hot as the devils butt no lie, and to make it worse i was wearing an old black shirt.
BUT even though it was hot like the devils butt , it would not stop me from doing the annoying work that was ahead of me. Lucky i had my Mp3 player with me to help me get through this very uncomfortable deed. I now know how the slaves felt working on em fields all day and lie. It makes me feel even bad for them those poor souls.  Anywho i got done with em stupid weeds and put them in bags. Then i went to plant the flowers.  My father came home and helped me finish planting the flowers. I really needed the extra help...i would've died of being overworked if not.
Well after finishing the flowers i went inside to wash the dirt off my legs and arms. Seriously getting that much dirt on me makes me depressed and feeling not very girly. See most of my life i've been a tomboyish girl and now ...i sotra wanna be more girly proubly cuz i have a bf now hehe. Well moving along ...i washed up  and changed from my dirty black shirt and brown plaid kakckis to a cute pink striped button down  school uniform shirt and blue short shorts. Now talk about being girly and very cute meow.
Well that was it for most of my day. Now im currently writing this and listening to the beautiful sounds of thunder. I also need to start working on my new amv ...i hope it comes out good ^^ well later then . YAY FOR THUNDERSTORMS!!!

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