Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fishing of life and death

So yesterday my father and i went to go fishing. At first i really did’nt want to go fishing because i hate getting my hands all dirty and slimy and smelling like fish. But as we were driving to the lake i started to relax because it was nice and cloudy outside for the moment and (for me) thats the perfect weather to go and fish. So seeing that the weather was working for me for moment i changed my mind and was up for fishing. So we get to the lake and get the fishing rods hooked up and everything set and we start fishing.  We go through a few worms with the fish just bitting the worms off the hook but not getting caught. UNTIL!!!! My father catchs something . He pulls it in and what you know he caught a small sized catfish WowZah. This was the first time we ever caught a catfish before!!.
We unhook the hook caught in its mouth and let it go back into the lake. (I like to have a competion in my head over who catchs the most fish) So that makes my father in the lead with one fish and me with nothing. But its still early and we keep fishing but netiher of us catch anything . Time starts to wind down and my father says we’re going to be at the lake for 10 more minuets . He’s still in the lead with one and I still have Nothing.  Now  its now or never my last chance to tie the game. So i put a nice fat worm on my hook and make sure that the tip of the hook is hidden inside of the worms body. So that if anything bites down on that  worm that the creature will get caught!. Then i walk to the edge of the lake and throw my line in. Nothing happens my line only moves against the moving water for a few minuets . THEN i start to see something pull on the line. I just let it pull the line , not wanting to risk the creature getting away.  The creature pulls the line then stops , pulls , stop for a few secounds. I slowly start to reel in my line a lil bit then stop. My line pulls away from me. GREAT perhaps i really caught something. So i start reeling in the line closer to the edge of the lake and then stop again. The line pulls away from me again . NOW i know i caught something and a good size something because now it’s really starting to pull on my line. NO WAY that im letting this sucker get away. So fight with the creature and reel him onto shore . What in the world did i just catch? A SNAPPING TURTLE YIKES!!! and a full grown one by the looks of it.

I quickly yell to my father that i caught a snapping turtle . He comes over and takes the rod while i go and get gloves and plires . I come back and hold the snapping turtle. Man was the turtle mad . He/she was kicking their feet and trying to snap off our faces. My father tells me to be careful as he pulls out the hook . I turn my head because i cant bear to watch. After the hook came out we sent the turtle back in the lake and he swam off to live another day! Now the game was tied but if it was a contest of who caught the biggest . I would’ve won today. But regardless today was a very fun day!

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