Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July/20/2011-How i got my new cell

Yaaaaaaaaaa  you heard right my party people. I now have a brand new cell phone after going through a horrible month without a working one!!! It all happened last saturday...*flashback occurs* My bf and i got out of the movie theater and started to wait for my father to pick us up.  I had my beautiful purple flip phone cell with me
, but since it got disconnected i could'nt call my father to pick us up. So we waited for a few minuets , then went to a dollar general store for a minuet , waited some more, went into a gamestop and looked around but before we left i asked one of the ladys at the counter if they had a phone i could use. They said they did so i used their phone to call my father to pick us up, he did'nt pick up so i left a message.
I think the women at the counter were looking at me funny when i left the message ..idk why though. *shrugs*. After i left the message i gave the phone back to them and we left and waited some more at the entrance to the movie theater. Out of nowwhere my father pops up behind us and scares us. Then we decide to go to the wal-mart  nearby.  We went inside and what oasis did i see but none other then a wireless store! Oh how my devious devil  ancestors blessed me with this chance to get my father to finally buy me a new cell phone.  Now its time to get lucky and devious  hehe. So quickly i point out the store but of course this meager attempt gets ignored but thats quite ok because now i've  announced its presence. So i wait till we get to the check -out lane to point out the store again. HA my plan is now set in motion as my father starts to walk over and INTO the store. I smile widely at my bf  and say "It seems like  im getting lucky tonight" .
However my father only wanted to go into the store to buy a new cell phone case for his phone. PFFT...your not fooling me !  Who would walk into a place that sells the one thing your child has been begging you for , or giving you small hints about for a while, only to buy something else for yourself. (I hope i made sense there) Thats  just selfish and horrible!
Thats like oh how do u say...walking into a lions den, or a trap, OR it was planned!
Perhaps he walked right in there knowing how i would use my devious methods to get him to buy me a cellphone!!!! Anywho we're in the store and my father is looking at phone cases , i look at the no contract phones  to see if they have any cricket ones. They do!!!  oh happy day!! I get the cheapest one (even though im devious im by no right heartless or a money vampire)
So i run over to the counter to show it to my father and i go into my reasons why he should buy it , One of the Representative that was there helped me to explain the plan and all that stuff. Really all the glory goes to that wonderful rep for doing his job to a Tee and convincing my father to buy it . I will always be grateful to him.  So finally my father decided to buy it and thats how i got my new phone. Now instead of taking pics from photobucket i can take them with my phone yaaaaay. All in All im a Happy content person!
Also Please comment below and tell me if you got your parents to buy you something you wanted for a long time!

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