Sunday, July 24, 2011

July/24/2011-Why did i go outside?!?

So today i decided (without much thought) to go ride my bike to my local target store. Which on my bike only takes about 5-10 minuets to get too. So i start riding to target when the heat and sun hit me and make me feel like im burning up even worse that i ran out of sunscreen to wear today. I ask myself why did i come out here , perhaps my soul was leading me to something exciting or i was just on a mission to risk my skin to the sun . Idk but i was too late to turn back now. So i went to target and sat on a bench for a few minuets that was located in some shade (LUCKY!!) . Then i pull out my phone and mess around with it for a few minuets before the heat got to me and i started to sweat . So i retreated back to my housing development and went to the park for a few minutes .

 I was'nt there long before winds started to pick up and the clouds turned grey. So again i retreated back to my house cuz i was'nt going to get caught in no downpour. So i get home safe and sound yay.

((sorry this post is random and dont make sense , my eyes are tired))

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