Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dream house filled with new jeans 10/8/2011

Why hello again my lovies :) How are you doing today , tell me how is your Saturday going. Well my Saturday was pretty good . Today i went to a local movie theater to go see Dream house ,...which to me wasn't that good because it got confusing in the middle of the movie. It was one of those horror movies where a psychopath has no memory of being a psychopath and so the psychopath start's a new life only to find out , at some point, that they're a murderous psychopath that got released from a mental hospital. So ya ...i don't really like those kinds of horror movies. I prefer horror movies like The Ring, Paranormal activity(an exception because usually i dont like films where people are filming everything in the movie) , The scream movies , The chucky movies, Vampire movies, Horror movies that take place in mental hospitals and more. Well anywho here's the trailer for Dream house , if anyone is interested .

                                                     Dream House Trailer

Then after the movie i went shopping to get some more jeans. I originally wanted to go to plato's closet but when i got there the place was closed. So my father took me to ross , which at first i was'nt to thrill about because i had the assumption that Ross wouldn't have anything that i would like. Man was i wrong at that . I found lots of cool looking jeans with fades , rips, jewels ect.. on them. So after i tried on a bunch of jeans i only got 4 pairs, which is'nt bad a number , now if it was 3 that would be a different story lol. Well i'll post some pictures of the jeans tomorrow sometime. Please look forward to it :)

By Reina
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