Monday, October 10, 2011

A uncertain Future 10/10/11

Hello again my lovies , i hope your having a good Columbus day. However i've heard of a disturbing rumor that now most schools wont have this holiday off , which im sure for all the school kids , is a a total drag. I mean who doesn't like a day off from work or school every now and again. Well anywho i guess learning is more Important then remembering the discovery of  America (hello this is the day OUR country was Discovered, by Christoper Columbus, doesn't that mean anything anymore). Jeez sometimes i want to overthrow the government  or at least move to japan ...but i dont know how their government is.  Anywho moving on slightly. Today was un-exciting like usual perhaps because i forgot to wear my lucky necklace, but i doubt it .

     Well today in sociology we were talking about job unions and pensions and stuff like that. I learned that when my generation gets to be like 65 that noone will be able to Retire BECAUSE THE STUPID EVIL  GOVERNMENT! is giving our Social Security  money to fricking Ill-legal immigrants(However this just might be a rumor, lets hope so). I MEAN REALLY NOW!  So i also learned that the sooner we start our pensions and saving up  the better off we will be . Now as 20yr person still looking for their first job and that still lives at home, i was getting pretty depressed over this information. I fear that i'll be nothing , nobody, a stinky bum living in a cardboard box in this future that gets scary more uncertain. It feels like im on stand-still as i keep getting older and older, and what do i have to show for it , a bunch of middle/high school awards, becoming a first degree black belt, going to college. Sure all those things are nice and some of it will help me in my future career . But still im left feeling like i wont amount to anything like im going to fail at life , without even starting to live my life. Am i just paranoid , i mean im still young and still have more then enough time, so what am i freaking out about..i just dont know anymore...really im not sure of anything anymore. However i will keep moving froward to see just what the future holds . Perhaps it will be better then i ever excepted.

                                                                           By Reina
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