Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh the po po came..teehee 10/26/2011

Ok im really sleepy , so im going to try and make this a short post .

Ok today the most awesome thing happen at school today. My art class and English class were both canclled. So i was on like 4 hour break straight how awesome is that . So i used my first two hours to hang out with one of my friends in the libarary computer lab. So while we were hanging out a police officer shows up and walks over to a girl seating one seat over from me . I did'nt know what was going on because i was too busy watching my youtube videos (like always). So i asked my friend and she said that the girl was playing her music to loud or something . So the staff at the computer lab told the girl to turn it down but she did'nt listen. So the staff called a police officer to come up . The police officer also told the girl to turn down the music but she did'nt listen . So the cop told her to come with him and she did . After that nothing really exciting happened today .  So ya .....heres a random video for the day!

                                             AMV: I just cant decide :o)

                                                                     By: Reina
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