Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It was 4:45 pm when the house phone rings . Of course noone picks up the phone so the answering machine kicks on.  To my surprise its message for me , but at first i just thought it was about something annoying like something school related BUT IT WAS'NT!!! It was a person calling me back after i filled out an application for a local Chick-fli-a restaurant.

      OMG was i in shock . I've been filling out paper and online apps for jobs since the middle of spring  until last month. However i took a few breaks in between submitting apps so i could rest . I must've filled out like close to 30 apps all together , yet i never got any callbacks ...until today. I mean i thought i would never get a call back..but here it was , right on my answering machine. So i get up from my computer and listen to message. I listened to it a few times so i could got the right number saved into my phone .So i could call back the person that called me. Once i got the correct number saved in my phone i go back to the computer and start to research about the company . As i researched the company i started to think up some  questions to ask the interviewer when and if i get a face-to-face interview. However before i get to do a in person interview , the hiring manger said he would give me a short over the phone interview first. Oh man i never did a phone interview before . So i will call him back tommorow so i will be better prepared for this phone interview. I hope everything goes ok , i really want to start working and making some money.

                                                                  This is me with no money

                                                                 By Reina
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  1. Nice nice. Glad you got a job. I've been hunting for ages with no success.

  2. Thanks , but i dont have the job yet , i still need to schedule an interview, and hang in there , im sure you'll get a call/reply soon :)


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