Sunday, October 30, 2011


*sigh* Im dead, tired , depressed , and uninspired. So thats why i hav'nt posted in like 2 days or something, i don't pay attention. Oh this is going to be a really INSANE post so please bear with it. Well of course you can bear it because your currently in my Blog called INSANITY where everything i post is INSANE, in one way or another. Now what should i talk about , what should i post. I dont know cuz IM DEAD, my soul i mean, that's whats dead for the moment. So i'll say something bout Halloween , its tomorrow if you dont know . I cant believe that Halloween is tomorrow already. Well you can expect me to be out hustling people for my candy. That belongs rightfully to me MWAHAHHAHAHA. OK  im done , i have nothing to talk about , how many times do i have to say that im dead, curse this overly stress life of mine, it wears me out to the bone marrow. Well im just going to spam this post with INSANE pictures , its Halloween so dont be too shocked.

                                                                  ENJOY MWAHAHAAH!!!




                                                              Happy Halloween

                                     By Reina
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