Thursday, November 3, 2011

Omg Dead animals everywhere..oh my 11/3/11

I was walking past a wawa on my way home . When i see a dead deer laying on the grass. It's neck looks twisted, part of its front leg has no skin, so there's some fine tuned muscle fibers showing . Also one of its eyes is totally bugged out and its nose is a bloody wreck. This poor creature only wanted to cross the street , thats all !! But noooooo it had to get hit by a car! This poor deer did'nt deserve to be hit by a car . When i saw the dead deer for the first time . I got slightly sick to my stomach...i've never been so close to a dead animal before.


So after i took those pics of the deer . I walked farther up the sidewalk to see YET ANOTHER dead animal. I did'nt say long to take a good look at it because it was stinking . So i just took a pic of it .

INFO: Facebook is being stupid and now getting my photos that im sending from my phone , so unfortanly i cant show you the pics i took until further notice.

                                                   By Reina 
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  1. aww so sad :/ Recently i counted 3 dead animals on a trafficated road. All three pretty close to each other.

    And today I found my own cat hit by a car. :C

  2. @catharina: aww im so sorry to hear about your cat , how horrible ;'( my thoughts are with you . Also thats sad and interesting. I think the cause of all these dead animals is from all the new development complex's .


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