Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet a power outage !! 10/20/1

  Ok so its the morning and i walk into the art building to find that the entire building is completely dark except for the rays of sunshine shinning in through the doors. My first thought is sweet the building is engulfed in darkness but i wonder what was going on. So i walk to my Art history class, which is my first class of the day and find that even the classroom is dark except for the windows letting in sunlight. I take my seat and the teacher tells us that there's a power outage and if the lights don't come on by the end of our discussion. Then she would let us out early...and that's excatly what she did.

    The lights didn't come on so i got to leave class really early . Yay me i get to spend more time in the computer lab watching YouTube videos. But before i go to the library i go to another building to drop something off . When i walked in i saw that this building had their power on. So i figured that the art building was the only one with the power outage.

Sorry for the blurriness 

     So i dropped off the package and headed to the library where i watched YouTube videos for a good hour and a half until my next class which is English. This class was very interesting because the teacher brought in a small hammer and talked about the movie Dogeball. Then the teacher connected the movie with the topic that we would be talking about in class. The topic for today was having control in our essays and the funny part about it is . The teacher made a joke about throwing the hammer at us if we lost the control of our essays, of course the class didn't believe him, because he's a teacher and we just couldn't picture anything like that happening.

     However a part of me (or my imagination) pictured him throwing the hammer at me and i would use my ninja skills to catch it . However i would catch the hammer backwards with the two slates (i guess you call them) digging into the palm of my hand and blood would be running down my hand. Ah yes isn't my imagination just perfect and sweet lol.

 Anywho English class came and went and now since i didn't have my sociology class today . I was technically done for today . But there was still one more thing i had to do today and that was pick out my classes for the spring semester.

    So i went and did that and now i was done for the day ...but did i go home, no. Why beside it was only 12:40 and i usually wasn't done school till 1: 50. Also because this is like the 5th time that my sociology class was cancelled ..and if i told my father that it was cancelled yet again.He would probably  get pissed at the teacher. So i decided the best option for me was to just go back to the computer lab and finished where i left off  ( i just love watching my weird videos full screen in front of people). So i went to the computer lab and watched the last episode of Demxy time ( if you don't know what demxy time ...then you don't know what your missing) . 


     I got sad when the last ep(short for episode) ended because i love that series and didn't want it to end, but like the saying goes everything good must come to an end. Then after i finished watching the ep i watched a few more youtube videos and then left the computer lab. Once i was outside of the building and walking to the bus stop i called my dad to come and pick me up . He said he'll be there shortly (which actually means he'll be there in like 10-15 minuets). So i get to the bus stop and wait outside in the cold air. While i was out there i walk over to take a look at the rose bush.

Suddenly some random dude comes up to me and starts to make some polite chit chat with me .  I was slightly guarded since im not used to people coming up to me and just talking to me . So i talked to him until he had to leave . Then i continued to wait for my father to come. After about 10 minuets my father finally shows up and i go home. Now im here and im done writing for today.

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