Thursday, October 20, 2011

How the hell did you slice open your finger? 10/20/11

Ok so another crazy thing happened in my  graphic design class today . One of my classmates somehow sliced opened their finger today .

 So she had to be taken out of the classroom and into the hallway to sit down. Then some Per-medics came by to tend to her wound. Everyone in class was buzzing wondering how she cut open their finger . Some guessed it was a paper cut, others thought she somehow reopened a wound on her finger. I however dont know how she cut open her finger. But she cut it enough so some blood got onto her desk. Well whatever caused the injury i just hope she's is ok now . I mean whats going on with my Graphic design class( that i only take on thrusdays) , last week the fire alarm went off and this week some kid slices open their finger...whats going on here ? If something happens next week , im going to think that my graphic design class is cursed.

                                                        By Reina
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  1. Hmm...anything sharp on the tables? Or maybe it is a paper cut.

  2. No there shouldn't of been anything sharp on the tables. The class thinks its a paper cut ..or she reopened a wound on her finger.


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