Monday, October 24, 2011

Yay i got a award!!! 10/24/2011

So i was given an award for my blog by Murees Dupé im so happy to have won an award that all i can say is Thank you very much for picking my blog Murees Dupe. Im so Honored! Now that i've won this award i have to follow the rules of this award so here they are:

1) Thank the person that gave you the award and put a link to their blog  in your post
2) Pick 15 blogs to give the award too.

The second rule will be fun to do . So lets see who the winners are:

  1. Kawaii Barbie:
  2. I am Sweet Creeper:
  3. Kweeny Todd:
  4. Little Gothic Horrors:
  5. Out of the Shadows:
  6. The Eye of Agamotto :
  7. Thoughts of a University Student:
  8. VisualBasic:
  9. What Else Is Possible?:
  10. Yea Yea Pueblo:
  11. *I'm D*:
  12. 1... 2... 3... Demo Site:
  13. a tiny rocket:
  14. Curioser:
  15. Drawing on Napkins :
 So here's the list of blogs that caught my fancy the most , Therefore i award them the "One lovely Blog" award. Congrats everyone!

Ok now on to my post of the day.

So while i was being driven to school , i was so sleepy that i dozed off in the passager seat.  Its really strange because i usually dont doze off when im being driven to school...but i did this time. Then when i got to school i had this really interesting thought .

   *What if i was so sleepy that my father had to pick me up in his arms and carry me to class and as he's carrying me i was limp like a dead body.

 Then when he would get to my classroom . He would dump me in my seat . Then my body would just fall onto the desk and i would continue to sleep.*

So ya that was my random Interesting thought of the day and i dont have anything else to talk about.

                                                                     By Reina
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  1. Cool pictures. You have a great blog which makes you very deserving of the award. Enjoy.

  2. congratulations on getting the award :D

  3. @ Tony: Thank you very much

    @Murees Dupe: thanks for liking the pics i put on my blog and thank you very much for liking my blog :)


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