Wednesday, November 30, 2011

College is a Rapist 11/30/2011

SCHOOL IS RAPING ME!!! you want to know how . You ask yourself how can a school rape something . Well its very easy to explain . By overloading my poor self with project after project , 5pg research paper after Paper , thats how . Oh and NO i dont get anykind of break between all these projects . Everytime i get close to finishing one project , OH LOOK another class of mine is starting a new project WTF!!!!. Ok let me give ya the load down on all the projects i've done so far.

-First 5pg Research paper where i had to go an art museum (only had a month to work on it)

-Currently working on a 5pg research paper that has to do with art history (due December 9th, still need to do poster , works cited , and some small stuff)

Have to do a department English essay (which is like a final and if i fail this essay i fail the course) I take this tomorrow at 3pm

Graphic Arts:
3 Illustration projects (all done and due tomorrow , had two weeks to work on them)

Have to answer around 6 questions and write in in APA format (which we did'nt go over in class, i got this new one today :(

Oh and these are just my very current projects i have to do to , expect for the first art project i did that in like that last week of October and it was due the next week. Oh and I have a new graphic art project every week . So many projects , all with no time in between to relax and enjoy life.

This is how i feel at the moment

By Reina 
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  1. Wishing you lots of energy to get everything done. My daughter is in 6th grade and you should see the homework and projects she has to do. Way too much for that age. They have no time to be children anymore.

    Hope all is well, V.

  2. Thank you very much i need all the enegry and sanity i can get lol, and its unfortante but times are changing for the worse, i think at least, it seems to be getting harder to enjoy life anymore:(


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