Monday, November 28, 2011

I played Hookie Today 11/28/2011

Today i had to play Hooky from School . (Its ok to gasp) I know I know but its only one day and the only day i've missed so far since the start of the semester . Oh did i tell ya that im in college now ! (go on ..faint with shock) My word i feel like i should be arrested . I mean im not in highschool anymore where everything is nice and slow and your classes actually last till the end of the year. Where as in college its all fast pace and if you miss a day you might get a pile of work to do lol. (of course im being dramatic) . People dont worry im a good student and hate missing school (no im not a nerd) but i have a really good reason for why i had to miss school today. My dad had to get surgery done today , so since i have my driver's license  i would have to drive him home.  So this morning when we walk out to the car my dad notices a dead bird on the lawn. (i know right , whats with me and dead animals) . 
        Well anyway we get into the car and my dad drives to the doctors office. We get there and walk inside . I have my bag of  "things to keep me content" and go and sit down . Soon im off and playing with my Psp . The game that im playing is Kingdom Hearts birth by sleep and i played that straight until my father came out of the recovery room. Then i turned off my game and we headed to the car. I got into the drivers side of the car and started to drive home. On the way home we stopped at mcdonalds and target . So today was a good day , made better by the fact that i dont have school tomorrow  either MWAHAHAHA!!!

                                                                         By Reina
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  1. I skip class too but that's usually because I slept in. ._.

  2. lol that almost happened to me too , i forgot to set my alarm lol


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