Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Vey, Why do i torture myself 11/23/2011

Damn stupid cat ; she peed in her caged !

    Ok so usually when i get up on a school morning i let my cat downstairs with me so she can go to the bathroom and run around the house like a nut. However she has a bad habit of jumping onto tables and counters that she's not supposed to . Well today i was'nt in the mood to worry about if she would jump up on something and cause a mess, while i would sit in the living room watching tv.

   So i decided to see what would happen if i put her in her cage a hour earlier then normal( i come downstairs at 7:00am and at 8:00am , i put my cat in her cage on school mornings).

     I wanted to know if it would be ok to put her in her cage this early or if it was'nt and she would just pee all over the place . Well you can probably guess what happened if you read the first sentence of this post. When i got home from school and put my bookbag and things away in my room. I went downstairs into the garage to carry the cage into the laundry room. When i bent down to open the cage i smelt and saw that the cage was all wet and so was my cats tail and hind legs. Man did i curse to the heavens. I was starving for food at the time i let my cat out and was in no mood to go and wash her ...but did i really have a choice, with her tail and legs dripping wet? So i chased the damn cat upstairs to the bathroom and washed off her tail and legs , then dried her off . She's locked up in the bathroom drying off as im typing this sentence mwahahahaha...last time i ever get a pet that dos'nt belong in a cage 24/7. Snakes their the perfect pet for me!

Today's experiment.....FAILED!

                                                                 By Reina
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  1. why would you keep the cat in a cage anyway?

  2. @tony: because its only for when we are out of the house . We dont like her roaming around the house if we are not there


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