Monday, November 21, 2011

Chick-fli-a treats me like royalty 11/21/2011

I went to chick-fli-a today by myself just to get a little something to eat cuz i only had 5 dollars on me. So i walk up to the counter and the lady takes my order ...and this is were the surprises start. The lady asks me my name and hands me waiting number o.0....Since when did they start doing that ? So ok i take the waiting number and wait for my food for a short while. Soon i hear someone call my name and what do i find...A handsome looking man holding my tray of one small box filled with the 8 chicken nuggets that i ordered. Next is something that almost made me go insane!!! The guy asked me where i would sit , so i pick a seat next to a window...And   he said that he would follow me to anyplace that i wanted to sit at!!! OMGOSH NEVER IN MY LIFE have i ever been treated with such ...such respect and made my dream of being all high and mighty come true a little bit , it almost makes me want to cry .

So i walked over to the table and the guy placed down my food and took my waiting number as i sat down. Then i started to eat my food . When i was almost done one of the team members came over to my table to ask how was the food and if i needed anything. Man talk about first class hospitality, of course all the other customers got the same kind of hospitality too, but still! Have you EVER been to a Fast Food place that treated their customers like that . Please tell me in the comment box below! 

By Reina
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  1. hi, reina! love your name because it's my niece's name! you have a lovely blog here... love all the animation! i am a huge fan of this... :) new follower here, and hope we can definitely stay connected. cheers!

  2. Wow really how cool is that :) However Reina is a nickname that i made up for myself lol. Thank you for liking my blog and my anime pictures ^.^ *gives you a big hug* Yay another anime fan now i have more people who understand what im talking about ,when i talk about anime lol, and me too , i bet we can stay connected . If you want i can give you my facebook page?, I have a link to it on the right hand side of my blog


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