Saturday, December 10, 2011

Whats wrong with society 12/10/2011

oh yaaaaa , i fixed my blog , now yall can see my latest post , oh ya whos the coolest *sings and dances*

Now today something about society is really disturbing me Its about sex and being a virgin. Now im not sure how to really explain what im thinking but i'll try my best. Ok so whats the deal with the notion that people must  lose their virginity at a young age , or its like you get called a loser or something. WHAT THE FUCK!!! I dont get it , i just dont . For instance earlier this evening i was reading this article about if men need to be more then just friends with a girl.  Well in the article there was this one post where a guy was friends with his sister's friend or something and the girl was helping him find a girlfriend or something. And the girl said that if he did'nt lose his virginity before getting into college , that she would help him out. o.0 again WTF!!! Whats the damn rush in losing your i totally , totally understand the little whore's that live in ALL of us. They are called Hormones. I called them Whores cuz they make us so damn horny that we almost become monstrous beasts. Trust me i know that feeling lol..but thats not the point. Ya see i believe that its the Whores inside of us that makes us act like this and therefore they must be destroyed!!!

By Reina
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