Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finally The last 5pg Paper is done 12/11/2011

Head throbbing with pain , nerves on end , feeling exhausted and jittery, why am i feeling this way  you might ask yourself. Well i'll tell you. I Just finished MY LAST 5pg paper for the semester and i got it all done in one day! Rough draft and typed ! Man did i work my ass off today , i should be granted a special reward for all my hard work, don't you think ? The reward i want to be taken out to a fancy restaurant , and to be praised for all my hard work.

Or just book me a vacation to Atlantis for a week

 , Either one will do ^.^
 But i swear i better not get anything lower then a C + on this last paper , or someone gonna get it !

So please wish me luck on getting a good grade :) I mean this was a lot of work for me to do, and i DONT like to do lots of work! It makes me depressed and shoot my brains out .

                                                                     By Reina
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  1. I know the feel. I'm writing up a bunch of crap myself. :(

  2. aww well i wish you luck on getting your paper done :)


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