Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Death comes yet again..to me 1/10/2012

IM BACK! Sorry for not posting for a few days ...but um...something pretty bad came up ...so i did'nt really feel like blogging about it . But now i am. A Family Friend died in a fire a few days ago in Chicago. Some of you , who read/watch the news , or are from Chicago might know what im talking about. , and she will be dearly missed  ;'(.

        So enough with the sad and dread , its time to move on ! (im not good with sad/ serious things)

           So over the past couple of days , i did'nt do too much ,  so i dont have much to say .  I would rant about something...but im not in the mood. So how about some AMVS ! You guys like that right ? Remember to watch in Full Screen

Homura & Madoka ♥ 

[OS] Escape the Labyrinth


[SHS] Treating You Right MEP


Hope you Enjoyed 
By Reina
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  1. Thank you Mamimi, and i will soon enough :)

  2. Sorry about your loss. You and your friend will be in my thoughts. I'm not good with sad either so i know where you're coming from.

    Blessings, V.

  3. @ Vivienne : Thank you for your blessing , it means alot to me :)


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