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Sekirei Review

Sekirei Review

Summary:  Welcome to a world where Sekiriei's (powerful ,alien beings ) and their masters , are forced into a game , where Sekirieis must fight against other Sekiries to the death , until one is left standing . Minato accindently  becomes involved in this game , when one day a big breasted girl falls on top of him.  The girl's name is Musubi and she's being attacked by two other Sekieris. Soon , without any thought, Minato helps Musubi escape and takes her to his apartment. While at the Apartment Musubi explains what happened and about the "Sekiriei plan" , which is the name of game they must fight in.  After hearing the story , Minato agrees to be Musubi's master and help her to win the game, or a way to stop it at least . Along the series , Minato meets other Sekirieis , who he becomes masters of .  How will Minato handle having so many Sekirieis to himself , and  will they come up with a plan in time , to stop this horrid game of sekieiris fighting to death.

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Number of Seasons :

Seasons: Sekirei
                Sekirei: Pure Engagement 

Episodes per season: 12

Overall Storyline : 4/5

Overall Animation Quality : 5/5

Character personaltys : 5/5 

Genres: Action , Comedy, Ecchi, Super Power,  Harem

Rating: R+ for Mild Nudity

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Place to buy it at : BestBuy

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