Friday, January 20, 2012

Ghost Stories Review 1/20/2012

                                                            Ghost Stories

Summary: What do you get when you mix a Jew , a Christian, a Horny boy, a Devil black cat, a normal girl and her retarded brother, and ghosts trying to take revenge? 
                  Answer: Ghost Stories!

Ghost Stories is the most crack-filled anime show I've ever watched , poking fun at race , sex , religion , famous people/businesses and anything else they can make fun of.

When Satsuki and her brother moves to a new town after her mother dies and attends a new school. She soon finds herself and her new friends are in for the fight of their lives after evil spirits are set loose over the town. 

Video Trailer:

Ghost Stories Promo Trailer

Video Clip: 

ghost story us dub clip

Number of Seasons : 1

Number of Eps : 20

Overall storyline: 2/5

Animation Quality: Old School 

Characters Personality: 5/5

Voice acting: 3/5

Genres : Mystery, Horror, Supernatural

Rating: Pg-13 

Website to watch :

Place to buy: 

                                By Reina
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  1. I never heard of it but I love anime, so I'll check it out!

  2. ya this show is really funny a weird slightly uncomfortable way...but still very funny lol


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