Monday, January 23, 2012

in the blues lane 1/23/2012

1) im down in dumps , and not because its a dreary , foggy , rainy day. I took pictures but somewhere along the way the photos get lost and never upload on my website. I blame my stupid cricket phone..thats what you get when you to a 2nd rate phone seller. I mean sure i get unlimted talk , and text for the basic 35 dollar plan. But still version had better phones. The phone i have now i only got on a whim ...cuz i needed a phone.

2)Dynamic Blinkie Text Generator at

3) no more relationship for me , nope im a free butterfly for now...yipee i have to care how i look again.

4) im bored and getting anxious , so later

                                                                             By Reina
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