Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 1/1/2012

Happy New years day everyone ,  i hope you had an awesome New years eve like me . Guess what movie i saw yesterday . It was a movie i've been dying to see , because i loved , and i mean love the main female characters in the movie . She's just my type of girl lol, she just soooooo cool and badass , how can anyone not love her .

                 I mean look at her style , that spiky hair , the piercings , and her cool dragon tattoo. Opps did i just give away the movie that i saw .  Yes it was the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and man was it a wild trip !  and i cant wait for the next one to come out .  Now i wont say anything about the storyline of the movie ...cuz frankly it was a bit confusing for me , and i dont want to spoil any of the juicy details....and what juicy details there are ..makes my head light and dizzy just thinking of it ....oh im about to faint !

Heres the Trailer , if your interested :

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie Trailer #2 - Official HD 2011

Talk about the best new Years Eve ever 
By Reina 
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  1. Glad you liked the movie! I want to check it out too. Did you read the book or watch the original movie?

  2. yes it was awesome , and no i hav'ent but i really want too read the book and watch the original movies . Does the original movie have subtitles ?

  3. Oh my god! The movie was so good! I'm planning
    on reading the book next! :D

  4. i know it was a wicked trip , what was your favorite part of the movie , and sweet ^.^


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