Monday, January 2, 2012

A NEW LOOK 0.0 ?! 1/2/2012

Guess what , i have good news ! I can now upload my mobile pics to Myspace , because Facebook is being stupid and not letting me upload my pics .  So to Celebrate i took a bunch of pictures of me , with a new hairstyle that im trying out , and some lip gloss that i was wearing . You see when i surf around Blogger for new blogs to follow . I see these really cool looking people wearing a style called Gyaru and visual Kei ( which really catches my fancy ). So for one of my New year resolutions , im going to try and add way more personality in my hair style and wardrobe . I want to do this because i feel i have no fashion sense at all , and because i feel i look plain or boring . So please wish my luck and support me ! I will also try to wear makeup, which i never do ! So with out farther ado , here i am!!

Hope you like them ! 

By Reina
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  1. Thanks for the good wishes! I too hope you fulfill your goals for 2012!

    It'd be awesome if you got into gyaru. I was thinking about it myself, but for now, I'll just look at pictures XD

  2. @ Under the Stairs: Thank you very much ^.^

    @ ..: your welcome , and thank you , and really you think so , well i still have to do some more research on Gyaru lol :)


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