Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bestfriends Birthday Party 1/4/2012

 Ok so yesterday was a really fun day because i got to go to my Best friends birthday Party . We got to go to applebees , and i love me so applebees , cuz man , do you eat good in the neighborhood! When we were there  i tried a new dish , called " 3 cheese chicken penne pasta" and man was it good , i want to eat it again ! . I would've took a picture of it ..but if you dont know . The light in Applebees is kinda i dont think the picture would've came out that great.

See doesn't it look yummy , im starving already lol. 

Then after applebees we went back to her house for cake and ice cream. But before the cake and ice cream , we hanged out in her basement and watched part of the "Last Song" , which wasn't bad  , but im not really a chick-flick kinda  person lol. 


 Then at 8pm we went up to eat cake and ice cream , which was also quite good  , and  we ended up sitting around the table talking about old times. Then at the end of the party we took pictures .    I didn't take any on my phone (i dont know why ) but when they get uploaded , i'll ask my friend if i can put     some of the pics on my blog. All in All i had a very fun time .

By Reina
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