Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Right with the world 1/24/2012

Hello Loveys , its was a good , relaxing  , and normal day for me . Also at the moment everything feels right with the world.You know , if you read my last post, that i said i was a free butterfly  and not in a relationship...um....ya i take that back. Ya see my bf profile got hacked...and well i talked to the hacker by mistake, thinking the hacker was my loving BF. Well he sure as Hell wasn't my BF...flipping out on me , calling me a bitch and saying he was sick of me. Nope that sure wasn't my BF. But the sad thing is...i believed the hacker, that was flipping out on me, was my Bf  :(. I feel so ashamed of myself...what kind of Girlfriend am i , cant tell the difference between a hacker posing as my BF,and my "Real" Bf. I wont make the same mistake twice! All in all everything is good and im happy !As for what i did today , i don't have anything exciting to talk about , because nothing exciting happened.



  1. Poor you! That is really horrible. Glad things are going better now.

  2. yea that hacker sure was'nt the friendly type :( , and me too :)


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