Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blogging for class 2/8/2012

Wahhhhhhhh, im so excited . Well i'll tell you its because in my Internet tools and tech class we get to start our own blogs right here in blogger. Is'nt that just the coolest thing ever.Chiyo
I get to use my sister blog Sanity for this class!!!. Yay. For 12 weeks i will be using Sanity to talk about anime reviews. This is great because i did'nt know what to post on that blog...since i have this one.

Well here's the Url for my sister blog :

Please visit it and leave comments. I love reading peoples comments and replying to them ^.^

oh ya and over my birthday weekend/week i got lots of cool new nail polish, lipbalm/lipgloss, and hair clips. I'll post pics later when i've calmed down and can think straight.


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