Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheap nailpolish 3/5/2012

Ok so i brought this scented nailpolish from Kohls right using a giftcard. I put on 2 coats of this nailpolish yesterday

 ...only to have it melt off in the shower and dye my nails pink o.0 WTF!!!! Talk about cheap!!! The nail polish is from a brand called simple pleasures or something. I have shower gel and body mist from the same brand. Well whatever thats the last time i buy nail polish from that brand again...or anything eles. I say i hate cheap things...and i do so there. Name brands for me thank you very much and i dont care if people think im stuck up or anything.  So in other news , English class is stressing me out with alot of work to do. I cant wait for school to be done with.

                                                                            By Reina
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  1. Oh, I hate when things like that happen! I got some off-brand glitter nail polish at Claire's once, and it lasted for two or three days before it peeled off and stained my nails bright green. I had to use teal polish to cover it without distorting my polish's color for the next week and a half. ><


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