Thursday, March 8, 2012

Am i a failure 3/8/2012

O my word i think i hate English more than math now and THATS saying something cuz i hate math with a fiery passion. Ok so today in English class we got our 2nd essay back and guess what ...I have to fucking resubmit that essay. My essay was on the declaration of Independence...but i guess the Declaration of Independence isn't a famous speech. So i worked my ass off , again, on something that wasn't part of the assignment . Ya see we were supposed to find a famous speech and analyze it .

      We had to see if the author of the speech used induction, deduction , or any local faillices. I did that ...but on something that wasn't a famous speech. WTF is wrong with me...cant i take i loosing it (most likely). So now i have to do this stupid essay all over again great ....i really really hate college. I mean i got an F on my first ya i don't think English Comp is right for me.

         My strong point isn't writing stupid essays , its writing fictional stories where i can use my creativity  . But whatever , i'll redo it over . I mean it only has to be a page long so its not that big of a deal. So after my English class ended early. I went over to my College's cafe because they were having a special Irish celebration with a free buffet.

        If you know me , you'll know that i will never pass up free food and man was i starving. The meal was so good , i had ham , broiled red skin potatoes , steamed carrots , a piece of cake , and a  raisin roll (which i only took one bite out of ). The ham and potatoes were the most tasty out of the whole meal. After i ate the meal i went out to my schools bus stop to wait for the bus. Since today is a Thursday i  had to walk a mile home again, lucky for me it was so nice and warm out . In other news , yesterday i got my new pair of glasses. Im so happy because i thought i would never get a new pair of glasses but here they are. Please tell me what you think of them.

                                                             By Reina 
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  1. Nice glasses! It is definitely anything but boring, congrats. My glasses are outdated and yes, very boring.

    You are not a failure. I think that your assignment is just not stimulating your creativity.

    Good luck with doing the assignment over. I know it really sucks, but I know you will just do great.

  2. Thank you Murees Dupe and lol your glasses sound very retro looking , that can be cool in it's own way. Thanks for saying that and it sure not stimulating my Creativity lol. Im going to need all the luck i can get lol , but i too hope i do great .


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