Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creepers at Target 3/13/2012

Today a creeper started talking to me outside of Target. Ya see i was standing outside , eating a snack, when this bald headed guy walks past me and sits down at a nearby bench. He starts a conversation with me..but i just look at him and smile or frown at the things he says. Of course i was wearing my sunglasses so he didn't see my eyes, which is good cuz i dont need a middle aged stalker. Oh ya and while he's talking to me. he tells me he's out from jail  . Man do the alarm bells start ringing in my head and of course he tells me not to be scared. Ya well you can tell me not to be scared all you want...i'll still want to get the hell away from you.
After like 5 minutes of him talking to me , and the other people who pass by, my father comes out from target and i scurry after him, glad to get away from that creeper...any longer and i swear he would've asked for my number or something personal like that. So The lesson of the day Kiddies : Be Aware of Creepers!Photobucket

                                                                          By Reina
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  1. Ack! Well I am glad that you got away unharmed. If a similar situation rises I would have out creeped the creeper, starting with: I've hidden the body, what now? Did you know that I'm wearing a bomb? OR the classic I do not speak English. Take care of yourself Reina :D

  2. yes so am i , im glad i did'nt get kidnapped or anything haha. Hmm now those are good ideas on scaring off the creeper, i'll have to remember those the next time i bump into one lol.


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